Animal Control

About Animal Control 

Animal Control is responsible for a variety of services as they relate to the licensing, control and protection of animals in the Township. Activities Handled by Animal Control:​

  • Issues dog licenses. (Dog license renewal period begins in January of each year).

  • Issues cat licenses. (Cat license renewal period begins in April of each year).

  • Provides two free rabies clinics per year for both dogs and cats

  • Responds to animal related complaints

  • Investigating animal bites 

  • Rabies control (laboratory testing, quarantines, education)

  • Licensing and inspecting pet shops and kennels

  • Enforcing state and local codes/regulations

  • Patrolling and impounding stray cats and dogs

  • Performing dead animal removal


Contact us

Phone Number: (973) 691-0900, Ext: 7334


Facebook Page: Mount Olive Township Animal Control 


For after-hours emergencies, call the Township of Mount Olive Police Department at (973) 691-0850. They will contact an Animal Control Officer.

Emergency Animal Control Services Will Be Enacted For:

• An injured domestic animal; dog or cat
• A wild animal in the living portion of the home; squirrel, raccoon, bat
• An animal posing an immediate threat to a person or domestic animal
• A suspect rabid animal that is confined or acting in an aggressive manner
• A police action at the Sergeant’s request
• An animal posing an immediate threat


Click Here for Information about Black Bears in/near Mt. Olive


Mount Olive TNR


The Mt. Olive TNR Project consists of residents who volunteer their time. The Project’s volunteers do all aspects of the TNR Project, from outreach to trapping, transport, post-operative care, long-term oversight of cats and caregivers, and fostering and adoptions.


Pet Adoption

Please contact us if you are looking to adopt a dog or a cat.  We sometimes have pets in our pound that have gone unclaimed and need a home; however, we are not a rescue and, usually, will try to find a rescue group to accept transfer of a dog or a cat.

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