The Mount Olive

Health Improvement Coalition 

During a 13-month period extending from April, 2018 to May, 2019, a health assessment of Mount Olive Township was planned, implemented and reported. This assessment was completed under the oversight and direction of the Mount Olive Health Improvement Coalition created by the Mount Olive Health Department Community Health Assessment (CHA) Advisory Committee.


The Health Improvement Coalition is comprised of multi-sector community members and organizations with a stake in the health and wellness of the community.


The goal of the process was to develop a comprehensive report on the health concerns of the township in order to inform health programs, services and planning in the township.


Goals of the Coalition:

1. To leverage existing resources for Mount Olive to work toward a Community Health Assessment and Improvement Plan.

2. To utilize data-informed decision making in health policies and programs in Mount Olive.

3. To build a collaborative of health professionals, residents, and organizations committed to improving the health and well being of the Township of Mount Olive.

Click Here for the Mount Olive Health Assessment Draft

Give Us Your Feedback on the Community Health Assessment
Your information will not be shared or used in the health assessment.
We appreciate the feedback for informing the Community Health Improvement plan and the health assessment process in the future. 
Do you feel the health assessmnet is representative of Mount Olive's health needs?
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